We interviewed 11 of Africa's most accomplished tech professionals.


We took the most important insights and perspectives they shared about reaching success and turned it into this free course - Venture: Tech Edition.


Venture: Tech Edition

This fully sponsored, intro to tech mini-series will help you decide if tech is a career path for you.

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Course Outline

Section 1: Start

The first section of the course covers the outline and tips for how you get the most out of the course.

Section 2: Think

The second section features the opportunities that are possible with software engineering experience.

Section 3: Build

The third section dives deeper into what you can expect on your journey as a software engineer.

Section 4: Debug

The fourth section shows you are capable of becoming a software engineer.

Section 5: Launch

The fifth sections shows you the next steps to reach success with a career in tech.

Bonus Section

Learn more about the mentors and their journeys, missions, and impact.

Venture: Tech Edition is brought to you by ALX.

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Course Contributors

Tabot Arreytambe
Tabot Arreytambe
Cameroon / USA
Lead, Digital Skills Pathway at ALX
Tabot Arreytambe
Wendy Omondi
Holberton Software Engineering
Tabot Arreytambe
Kola Olajide
South Africa / Nigeria
Chief Technology Officer at Bridge Labs
Tabot Arreytambe
Iladho Galgalo
Senior Security Architect at Safaricom
Tabot Arreytambe
Eduardo Koloma
South Africa
Technical Manager at Bridge Labs
Tabot Arreytambe
Emma Dicks
South Africa
Co-Founder at Codespace
Tabot Arreytambe
Purity Njeri Maina
Head of Technology at Redbird
Tabot Arreytambe
Nolu Mpekelana
South Africa
Founder and Managing Director of CodeNgwana
Tabot Arreytambe
Matthew Adiorho
Co-Founder at Gidanka
Tabot Arreytambe
Karijatu Nadjiru
Digital Business Analyst at Access Bank Zambia
Tabot Arreytambe
Apondi Kevin Omondi
Co-Founder at MeZIGO Logistics

This course will be your guide to a meaningful career and how software engineering can get you there. 

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